In case you don't know what mastodon is

I recommend checking out, which explains the idea better than I could hope to. I'm running this because it's nice to have places to hang out without wondering how your every click is being used to fuel some weird tech bro's particular dream.

My promises

I will run this until July 2020. There are no backups, and nobody other than myself has administrative access to this website or to the servers it runs on.

In July 2020, I'll revisit this. If nobody's using, then I'll shut it down. If I feel it's worth continuing, then it should probably have backups as well as staff other than myself who can take over in case I am destroyed by a bus.

Privacy Policy

I will never sell any of you out. This webserver is hosted in the United States though, so I could be compelled to cooperate with United States law enforcement. If this website starts happening, I'll write quarterly transparency reports with a warrant canary.

Why are registrations closed?

I want this instance to be a place where everybody essentially knows one another already. I think this is best accomplished by making it invite-only.

Inviting people to

You may invite anyone and everyone you would like to invite.


A social network for you (if you are the guy)