i get upset about people abusing their power but i guess it's my fault for trying to have a society

@matt I've been stewing on this for 286 days, and I think I'd like to put all my USD into MattCoin™ please.

@Simon @matt And I'm offering you guys an in on the ground floor

@Simon @matt Look, all I'm saying is I have a lot of gas to sell

@Simon @matt It's like when people talk about shooting for the moon and ending up among the stars, only it's lead that turns into chlorine instead of gold and maybe you still net a small profit

@Simon @matt I think Lead to Chlorine is what's in question. Is Lead super cheap?

@Simon @matt yeah but how much is chlorine gas worth? maybe it's still worth it.

@matt I went from no opinion to strong opinion pretty quickly.

@matt I don't know where you are right now, but I'm reading good things about Hatcher--voted against the establishment of an armed police force on campus, speaks out on inclusivity.

Devarti seems good for similar reasons--passionate about freezing tuition. also voted against the armed force. supports BLM

Thomas seems to be proactive and gives thoughtful answers, but I haven't seen much to spark me.

Fleming seems bad. WCC Watch lists some meaningful critiques if you wanna check it out.

@matt Not really. I've watched some debates in the past and examined platforms, but I've done very little examination so far this go-around.

@wandrewni I like Emily Oster a lot--Expecting Better is extremely well researched. What to Expect is filled with a lot of good information but also a lot of nonsense, so it's good to supplement.

Still working on the other two.

The prospect of parenthood certainly does bring out the researcher in me.

Disclaimer: no one is (currently) pregnant.

For crisp, cool bagel bites, cook as directed.

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