@soccrchik I know you've attended classes in the past at WCC—do you have any knowledge to pass my way about trustees?


@matt Not really. I've watched some debates in the past and examined platforms, but I've done very little examination so far this go-around.

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@soccrchik Cool. I’ll likely hang onto my ballot for another week, if you hear anything.

@matt I don't know where you are right now, but I'm reading good things about Hatcher--voted against the establishment of an armed police force on campus, speaks out on inclusivity.

Devarti seems good for similar reasons--passionate about freezing tuition. also voted against the armed force. supports BLM

Thomas seems to be proactive and gives thoughtful answers, but I haven't seen much to spark me.

Fleming seems bad. WCC Watch lists some meaningful critiques if you wanna check it out.

@soccrchik Also I had to read and reread and eventually give up on the first sentence and move on to the second before I figured out that you were not talking about my place of employment.

@soccrchik "Additionally, she supported a $26M no-bid outsourcing contract for IT services, then used the opportunity to publicly insult the IT staff she just voted to terminate"

No bueno

@matt I went from no opinion to strong opinion pretty quickly.

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