Can anybody help me identify this bird by its call? I’ll represent it here in text: “tweet twoot (pause) tweet twoot (continues)”

@matt you might be describing a morning dove, although i think of it as a series of ‘hoo hoos’ where the first hoo is higher than the second hoo

@matt ‘mourning’ dove, i just learned. and i think i mixed up my bird sounds; mourning dove was not the bird I was trying to describe.

i guess i’m in the same boat as you. what is that bird??

@wandrewni Yeah mourning dove was one of the things I looked up, and at least based on this, I don't this it's right

But yeah it sounds like we're describing the same bird maybe. The first hoo is three chromatic notes higher than the second, they each last a single beat, with (I've counted) 4 to 5 beats of silence between.

@matt I’m hearing one now and it’s more of a tweet than a hoo. I think I was just blonded by the sound of a mourning dove

@soccrchik @matt man i'm listening to bird sounds videos to try and figure out what this bird is. listened to a couple so far - no dice!

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