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just heard a lot of crows yelling their little lungs out, looked to see what they were up to because I assumed it was some sort of territorial war.

anyway turns out they were playing a game where they hop up and down the branches of a cedar tree and having fun as a gang.

What if we put Guybrush Threepwood's head on top of Sonic the Hedgehog's body!


i'll never get over the intense special interest required for someone to post this on imdb

Some dogs can detect bombs and drugs. And some have trouble perceiving stairs.

I tried going on a five minute walk in nature without my phone

Be sure to buy my best seller about how to find inner peace

Remember when Skeletor got so mad about flowers that his head became a cylinder

@PetitPas ok j'essaie donc imagine que ta lampe elle a besoin de COOKIES pour éclairer.
Les cookies ils sont apportés par des :blob_cat: qui passent dans le circuit électrique. Le nombre de blob cats c'est le courant ou l'intensité, exprimée en ampère.
Chaque blob cat apporte des cookies d'une certaine taille, la taille des cookies est mesurée en volts.
La lampe pour éclairer elle va donc manger tous les cookies donc volts fois ampère, et ça va donner une puissance en watt.
Désolée ça aide surement pas mais OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM 

Google have recently made updates to Chrome to opt users into certain types of tracking.

This has widely been hailed as deeply unethical, but personally I believe there are potential benefits to their decision to make this change, that overall will benefit users and help work towards solidifying the ethos of an open web.

I've written a blog post on how I've come to this conclusion, and what I think it means for the direction things could take.

Check out the FOSS and infosec blog in my bio!

I think the world would be a better place if we didn't keep pulling ourselves away from dreams where we're Spiderman just to go to work.

I hope I don’t need to say this is a jest, but also now I’m wondering. Is there data on this by now? Like, is there a 2x2 table of “solo vs carpool” and “physical buttons vs touch screen in car” showing the likelihood of dying in a car accident?

It probably wouldn’t be statistically significant, since nobody is actually capable of driving safely

Touch screens in cars are actually great. If it’s unsafe for the driver to operate the air conditioning while driving, it encourages carpooling.

My point is that car companies are obviously putting touch screens in cars in a conspiracy to encourage a lifestyle shift that will have a mildly positive impact on the climate.

Turns out pesto and guacamole taste exactly the same

I'm currently reading the sentence, The Fine Art Market is a Scam

And I feel like it's the same as the sentence, Money Laundering is a Scam

Not coincidentally, “polarization” started when one party broke with the white elite consensus and supported – albeit reluctantly – the civil rights revolution of the 1960s. “Polarization” is the price U.S. society has had to pay for real progress towards multiracial pluralism. 7/

An image search for "rock fact" seems to yield about 50-50 fans of Over the Garden Wall vs fans of geology. I expected it to be more skewed, but it's neck and neck rn

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