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And that, to me, is the real loss.

We can rebuild community, but it remains to be seen whether there will ever again be such a popular online space that can be used to pressure corporations and politicians into altering their courses of action.

Twitter was a hostile space for liberatory work, but it was also a digital playing field we could actually win on.

@futurebird also tabloids would be way better if we had symbolic cat rulers instead of boring human monarchs.

"Royal drama today when Purrincess Muffincakes hid in a cabinet and then bopped Purrince Crackers in the head, leading to a heated hissing match!"

Empurress Ringo II could not be reached for comment on this incident, as she was busy mewing at a bug that was sighted on the palace ceiling."

All this coronation stuff would make a lot more sense to me if the king were expected to maintain a handsome physique or to be exceptionally skillful at such as dancing or playing guitar

On youtube, I try to subscribe to people I like, because it costs nothing and I assume it helps them in some way, but I don't actually know how subscribing is supposed to work for me as a UX.

In real life, I just have some channels bookmarked, and when I want to watch videos, I use my bookmarks to see if there's anything new.

Does that make me weird/old?

You asked for it, and it’s coming. Quote posts, search, and groups are on their way. In the meantime, check out the new onboarding experience launching today.

(It’s not that mysterious. I noticed that I’m already 8 wins away from it. I just wish I’d noticed that, say, 1 week ago.)

Why am I only now going for the gilded iron lord title

I don't even find it impressive when I see other people with it

Why would I do this to myself, the day before iron banner ends

Ahahaha I forgot that step 1 of my plan (switch DNS servers) takes 48 hours, so I will not be moving everything today.

@light @Simon I think you are the only people who ever use this right now. If mastodon seems completely down or otherwise fucked over the next week, know that I've got backups and that I'm working on it.

I'm seeing some chatter about King England and it's reminding me of my favorite summary of Buddhism's stance on the existence of god(s):

I bow to no king

Confusingly, there’s a guy called Jamil N. Jaffer who is my ideological doppelgänger. When I was litigating national security cases at the ACLU, he was working for the Bush admin. He’s a nice guy but we’re on opposite sides of basically everything. 1/

We should all be embarrassed that companies in the entertainment industry are taking leadership positions on pushing back against fascism, while companies involved in journalism, education, and publishing, are taking the collaborator stance.

The parts of society that everyone promised would save us from fascism, are failing. The parts of society that the Very Serious People (tm) saw as frivolous pastimes, are providing more truth and safety.

This is the Teen Vogue'ification of the world.



If all goes well, it'll be deployed in a kubernetes cluster instead of just kind of Out There in docker-compose on an ancient webserver, so I'll much more easily be able to keep us in date after that.

Hey there folks, it's your lazy sysadmin speaking! I'm gonna finally update mastodon tomorrow (Sunday, April 30, 2023), and I'll be moving it to new servers, so expect downtime.

I'm taking the entire day as a maintenance window because there are basically three of us on this instance, and y'all know how to text me.

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