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To expand on this, it's important to understand what capital *is*. It's not money.

In some sense it's the classic example of factories.

But really, capital is the power to direct the activities of labor. That factory isn't worth anything if you can't get people to work in it. And it's worth more if you can *compel* them to work.

That's what's going on with tech layoffs. They're trying to make work more compulsory.

has anyone else noticed that under capitalism the years start coming and they don't stop coming?

Gun violence, macabre 

If I have to prove I'm not a computer by identifying traffic lights and busses, perhaps we're not quite ready for self-driving cars.

Social media, when I boost/favorite 

Social media, when I boost/favorite 

PagerDuty is laying off 7% of their workforce and the announcement includes a quote from MLK and it's just *chef's kiss* perfect and why the show Silicon Valley is no longer on because there is nothing left to parody about the tech industry

Girlfriend @Silversong made a lovely sauce for beans, so this is what these big beans look like

Protip for musicians: You can just release a track and say it features Dracula. No one is going to call you on it. What are they going to say, "I talked to Dracula and he says he never contributed to that"?

That would be a bold claim on their part.

I feel like we aren't calling the 2038 problem the "epocholypse" often enough

We should all try harder to make this a thing

My sister is a really nice person but one time I made a big batch of pickles and gave her some and I said "I'm not sure if I used enough salt so, if I didn't, just add more salt" and with an absolute deadpan she said "Really? Is that how that works?" and I had to respect it cuz, if we were anime, she basically just punched me through a building.

All of this is to explain why, not to ask for solutions. I'm grateful to people who offer them, though. We should not have to pass otc methods of survival through word of mouth. We all deserve safe medical care! We all contribute to finding cures and treatments, but only the wealthy get to use them. Revolt!

All of the above is simplified to fit into one post each. All have much worse details that I left out to preserve your mental health and for character limit.

This is why we don't see doctors. We can't afford to pay someone to hurt us.

We're not stupid.
We're not stubborn.
We're not conspiracy theorists.
We're not even necessarily afraid of medical procedures.

Some people are, but at least in my case and people like me, there is objectively no benefit to seeing any doctors.

Having a decent landlord is nice, but also problematic, in all the ways that you already understand

Folks are treating the recent tech layoffs as something spontaneous. They were not. The current layoffs were orchestrated by a hedge fund (TCI Fund).

This hedge fund demanded that the big tech companies lay people off because they were being paid too much. Let that one sink in: a hedge fund manager saying that you're being paid too much.

Note that TCI is demanding that Google lay off more people.

Current emotion: this git commit message is 10 times as long as the diff

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