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Looks like it’s

@Simon @Ted @WhyAlexHouser Want to us 4 have one of those remote happy hours everybody talks about? I’m free most days after 5pm EDT, and I have paid accounts (thanks to U-M) with both zoom and bluejeans.

My webcam does not handle direct sunlight well, but I enjoy it too much to do anything about it.

Pretzel update: they taste like pretzel, but I can’t share any with neighbors/strangers because there’s a plague, so into the freezer they go

My second attempt at gochujang popcorn (2T gochujang, 4T peanut oil, 1T sesame oil, 2T soy sauce) is notably more succesful than my first attempt (2T gochujang, 6T peanut oil, 1T sesame oil, 1T honey—based on a recipe I found), but it's still missing something.

Neighborhood library update: the wine is gone, but there is a 1000-piece Big Ben jigsaw puzzle in its place.

Our neighbor’s little take-a-book-leave-a-book library box is currently stocked with wine and toilet paper

I don’t believe in typos, only happy accidents

Finally started lifting again. On one hand, it's good, and on the other, it's been a while since I was last truly sore. On the first hand, I have positive associations with being sore, so it's fine. But man is it hard to sit anywhere.

For anyone in the Ann Arbor area looking to support workers at local restaurants, this spreadsheet is by no means comprehensive, but it covers a lot of restaurants, whether/how they're open, and whether their employees have a gofundme page up

I have some aging, should be ready to bake on Thursday. Might make more in between, we'll see

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