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I don’t believe in typos, only happy accidents

Finally started lifting again. On one hand, it's good, and on the other, it's been a while since I was last truly sore. On the first hand, I have positive associations with being sore, so it's fine. But man is it hard to sit anywhere.

For anyone in the Ann Arbor area looking to support workers at local restaurants, this spreadsheet is by no means comprehensive, but it covers a lot of restaurants, whether/how they're open, and whether their employees have a gofundme page up

I have some aging, should be ready to bake on Thursday. Might make more in between, we'll see

Hey I heard you like puzzles (I assume everybody likes puzzles) so here's a reminder that Simon Tatham's got everybody's back


dogs apparently don't spread the coronavirus, somebody said

Or at least, it’s dangerous to anyone feeling they depend on such a hierarchy.

I guess it’s not really a surprise, since it’d be hard to rigorously study a hierarchy while at the same time assuming it’s “natural” or “the way things should be.” So such disciplines must fall back on the simplest assumption that we are otherwise equal, which is a fundamentally dangerous, radical, and leftist idea

Whenever I read about anthropology, sociology, or history, I feel like I’m filling my brain with dangerous radical leftist ideas

Today is a travel day, so I don't anticipate much time to work on preventing this in the future, but I'll update this thread when I've worked something out.

There was an unplanned outage last night from 3:10 to 6:44 a.m. EST. The web server (nginx) failed to start after a reboot because it couldn't bind to port 80.

I’m about to go to Florida for a week so here’s some selfie practice to help get us all warmed up for all the selfies I’ll be taking and posting here

@soccrchik Haha I meant this to be a “thank you” photo but I was pouring in the dark and I did not mean for it to be this much at once OH WELL hashtag rip

After reading the word “pernicious” a few times in a row, I looked it up. What a tepid sounding word, given its definition

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