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Should I be required to put peanut butter on another food before eating it, or do you agree with me that it is ok to eat peanut butter with a spoon

Hey all Matt here going for another instig gram of my drink, god bless

Grocery list

Things to say at work

Ah ok, I guess the problem is that I never set up SPF and DKIM. I don't want to figure out how to make that work with containers right now, so I'll do it later instead.

Looks like it did fix itself? Or at least, now gmail is just deferring emails citing rate limiting due to "an unusual rate of unsolicited mail" from my mailserver. Looks like about one email every 15 minutes is an unusual rate? Whatever Google, you make the rules, I fucking guess.

Well the track record for "just do nothing and wait" is pretty good so far; maybe this will in turn resolve itself by tomorrow.

By the way, "I'll check again later to see if everything's fixed itself" is basically my entire career path

I've got removed from the spamhaus PBL, so mastodon should be able to send emails anywhere, although I'm still getting "5.7.1 NotAuthorizedError" from gmail. I'd thought that'd go away once off the PBL, and I guess there's still time. I'll check again tomorrow to see if everything's fixed itself.

@Ted haha love the pictures you went with, I feel like I understand your job now, it’s like being your coworker

Since this is social media I should probably “instagram ®“ the drink I’m drinking

@Ted today I was in a conversation about how alchemists set out to create gold out of other things, but instead they discovered chemistry, which, as it turns out, has proven way more valuable than gold would have been.


Is it still just me and Ted on here?

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