A new low, even for #Google. Giving Google permission to share information about you with third-party websites is being falsely advertised as an "ad privacy feature". This is privacy washing at its most extreme. But it gets even worse.

There is a dark pattern on the second screenshot. It isn't just informing you about the fake privacy features. Clicking on "Got it" actually turns on these features that allow Google to use your recent browsing history for ads on third-party websites:

"🙏🏿Lord please grant me the confidence to deny a brilliant woman professor and researcher tenure track, demote her, push her out of my school, to be the adversity that she had to overcome in life... and when she overcomes me and wins the Nobel prize, to roll in like I did something. Amen!"


U Penn is bold! Real talk, I couldn't do that. I couldn't even fake that till I make that. Levels.

@virtuous_sloth @blogdiva Definitely +1 to logrotate, if you weren't using it already.

In bash terms, it's just some config files you set and forget in /etc/logrotate.d/ and there's probably something already there that's copypasteable for e.g. "archive daily, gzip after 2 days, delete after 7 days."

During Halloween season, I like to remind folks that vampires are fake but ticks are real. Be careful when you're out there walking in the brush. Wear long pants, and stay vigilant

Bertolt Brecht? More like Bertolt WRECKED send toot


don't know Elizabeth Lopatto’s academic background but this is a master class in historical narratology:

1. spot the unreliable sources
2. find the unreliable narrator(s)

now go back and re-read from the POV that:

3. a biography is the biographer’s manifesto masquerading as the subject’s personal history

4. #3 is even more true if it is an autobiography; especially if by proxy, like this book

❝ How the Elon Musk biography exposes Walter Isaacson

This is taped to my break room wall (my kitchen because I am work from home)

In Part I, I outline my critique of the polarization framework: It privileges unity, stability, and social cohesion over social justice and equal participation; it gets the diagnosis of the current situation wrong; and it indulges an ahistorical nostalgia for a golden age that never existed. 2/


The fact is that it takes several thousand human hours to get up to speed on our current geopolitical situation enough to understand what's happening.

So the end result is that nearly no one is able to do that, and those who can are separated by an almost insurmountable gap from the vast majority.

This simple fact provides a significant and nearly impenetrable defensive moat for bad actors.

Has anyone ever in the history of the world gone "Y'know what I want? A video up the top of the thing I'm reading that pops up and follows me all the way down the article. That would just enrich my day like nobody's fuckin business"

What if Shakespeare was really a woman. The Great Barb, if you will.

linux is too difficult imo, I don't understand the hype at all and why so many people are like "just switch to linux, it's easy!"

it's not easy, and why would I want an operating system that has to be taken up as some kind of hobby instead of just using my computer like normal.

i'll just stick with ubuntu instead, thanks.

#linux #computers #ubuntu #mastodev #women

so many of these initiatives fail because the people involved do not understand several things:

1. anti-racism, like any harm you have to add anti-, are symptoms of the same disease: FASCISM.

2. you are doing anti-fascist work. this means, you are at war.

3. in a war, especially not of your choosing, many want you dead. take seriously your self-defense.

"What I Saw While Working at Ibram Kendi’s Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University

This is one of my oldest cartoons, and one of my favorites. I made this 16 years ago or more. There's a tshirt of it in my store - someone told me recently that their tshirt is really worn out by now, and it made me feel old, but in a sort of nice "aged cheese" kind of way instead of a "moldy bread" kind of way.

People love bluesky because they've found a sense of fun and ability to follow famous people that was lost from their experience on Twitter, while retaining the potential ability to become the Main Character of the Day.

People love mastodon because it's held together by mental illness, piss jokes, and guys who get mad at you for saying google is open source.

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