It never stops surprising me that webcams don't have peripheral vision

I guess now that everybody is considering buying tiktok, I should also consider buying tiktok. What if I bought tiktok, what would happen to me

So like, I knew consumer capitalism was “bad,” but I did not expect it to become a death cult this quickly

@Ted Which free file option do you use? I've tried a few, but they're always of the "step by step wizard" form that I have a pretty hard time with.

I'm like, I have a couple 1099-DIVs and a W-2, and I know what to do with them—so having to fill in every 0 on each 1099-DIV in an online form when I know the IRS doesn't even want a copy is frustrating.

Amazon looks crisp and legit, but almost everything is misleading or a scam, but it has cheap and fast shipping.

Ebay looks like a scam, but everything usually turns out well, but you'll probably get overcharged for shipping.

@WhyAlexHouser I don't like hearing that anybody has lost their career, really ever. It doesn't make me feel good even if I hate them. But I don't think it's ok for some people to be implicitly safe to say anything while other classes of people are not.

@WhyAlexHouser I guess I see "should people be fired for their views" as a question with many possible lenses.

1. As a point of principle, of course a person shouldn't be fired for their views.

2. But what about speech? Less easy to make a rule.

3. And what if the wolf's been in the barn for ages, and the only difference at the moment is that a class accustomed to freedom from consequences is suddenly finding themselves accountable?

First time filing taxes online in a decade (normally I use the office printer to print my w-2, but hahah covid, I got no office), and god damn it is somehow even worse than I remembered.

To anyone who's never filed on paper and just assumes it's harder, oh boy paper taxes are so easy. I'd love to help you through it, if you want taxes to be "kinda tedious" instead of "complete bullshit"

Fuck wizards.

I've been tired lately of everybody offering their explanation on the difference between freedom of speech and freedom from consequences, but I felt myself doing a lot of nodding to this response to the recent open letter by Harper's.

The soundtrack from any Tony Hawk game is a great way to set the day on autopilot.

@Ted Is this counter-evidence to all the "nature is healing" posts you see around? Or are they trying to tell you to stay out of the office

@Ted That reminded me to check on the status of looks like it’s still on!

@soccrchik "I elected myself Vice Mayor of the city of Ann Arbor and all I got was this stupid t-shirt"

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