@Simon Too late I already have George Soros's pig collection

@Simon He's updated his offer to 0 tungsten ingots

George Soros is offering me $20 to buy this mastodon instance, what should I do

Can anybody think of a word that rhymes with butt?

I've decided that I am going to buy EU Voice

So ok yes I only just noticed that I can add custom emotes to this mastodon instance. :eheh: Any requests? :eheh:

@soccrchik I'm glad you thought things through. I'm sure that MattCoin™ has a plan that works for you.

The idea is you can convert your money into MattCoin by giving it to me (MattCoin is money that I have)

@Simon who wouldn’t want a nice lukewarm refreshing bepis

Whenever I listen to Mrs Robinson I always expect there to be a tambourine like, any second now

But there ISN’T one

Got my second covid shot. Guy totally missed the nerves which was cool, but he also got a vein, so there was a lot of blood

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