I don't care how you pronounce "gif". Say it however you want.

But the punishment for saying "It's a hard g because it stands for graphics" should be that somebody follows you around and every time you say "jpeg" they poke you with a stick and say "It's jay-feg. The p is for photographic."


American football is the most popular sport here right? And not-American football is the most popular sport in most not-American places right? What I’m getting at is that hockey is actually Canadian football.

What are the other footballs?

Minor success! Compared with a tim tam, a kit kat makes for a poor straw. I think the wafers are more densely packed in the kit kat, requiring more effort to draw in liquid.

That said, I was able to produce the pleasing texture of the molten tim tam almost exactly, and the combined tastes of coffee and kit kat were pleasing.

I give the kit kat 3 out of a possible 5 tim tams.

The first attempt didn't go well. I failed to achieve suction. This time, I'm going to try biting more off the kit kat candy bar, making sure the wafer is fully exposed.


I have split the kit kat in two and am pleased to report it was a clean break. Never again the twain shall meet

Tooting live on the hashtag kit kat slam, I haven't begun yet, because the coffee is still a little too hot. Hit the bell next to subscribe for email notifications

Ok, I have decided that I am going to attempt a "kit kat slam" with this cup of coffee. Wish me luck

I look at the world and I want to scream myself hoarse at all of the manmade horrors in it.

There will always be a part of me who's this little girl who believes in tea parties and unicorns and who doesn't understand why people do this to each other.

There are so many problems that are so easy to fix. And we don't. Because of money, whiteness, maleness, all this entrenched bullshit that does nothing but harm us.

And people just kind of shrug when you tell them about it?

Banning TikTok for national security purposes makes complete sense if you look at TikTok on its own. But as soon as you take into account the fact that US media is so toxic that the country is basically a global leader in self-destabilization, the whole thing is just lol lmao.

The Borg queen on #StarTrek implies the existence of a middle class of Borg, the Borgeoisie

Anyway friends, let me know if new Trigun has merits I should take note of. Until then, I have this perfect archive of a perfect work of art, in need of no derivative.

What’s that? You are very smart? And you’ve noticed a problem with my logic? Ask me how I know you haven’t attended many open mic nights

I have not seen the new Trigun, and I don’t intend to. I’m not even protesting it. All I’m saying is that the first go was perfect art.

So when I say the original Trigun was perfect, this is your context, your smoking gun.

If anyone is curious about which publishers are suing to try to stop the Internet Archive from doing controlled digital lending (courtlistener.com/docket/17211), they are:

- Hachette Book Group,
- HarperCollins Publishers,
- John Wiley & Sons;
- Penguin Random House.

#Copyright #Libraries

@Popehat I’ve learned to avoid words like “capitalism” unless I’m prepared for One Thousand Marxists to all reply with the same comment about how I’m using the word wrong

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