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Every time I work with nema 6-15 plugs, I feel like I stepped on a power cord and my worst fears have come true

The city of Ann Arbor emailed me to tell me that my ballot was processed and counted, and told me to go to for my "social media ready 'I voted' sticker."

I guess I'm posting this because I'm just tickled that "social media ready" = "it's a jpeg that you can have"

My webcam does not handle direct sunlight well, but I enjoy it too much to do anything about it.

Our neighbor’s little take-a-book-leave-a-book library box is currently stocked with wine and toilet paper

I’m about to go to Florida for a week so here’s some selfie practice to help get us all warmed up for all the selfies I’ll be taking and posting here

@soccrchik Haha I meant this to be a “thank you” photo but I was pouring in the dark and I did not mean for it to be this much at once OH WELL hashtag rip

My parents noticed a deer sleeping in their garden. Must have been tired, since it didn’t do more than raise its head when they came and went from the house

I was trying to find this old laugh-a-palooza image and couldn't, so I made this to the best of my memory. The only other thing of theirs I can remember is that they recommend mixing equal parts manwich with equal parts water for "bold, thick water"

Hey all Matt here going for another instig gram of my drink, god bless

Since this is social media I should probably “instagram ®“ the drink I’m drinking


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