I have split the kit kat in two and am pleased to report it was a clean break. Never again the twain shall meet

Destiny 2 pvp 

This arrived in my mailbox. There’s no shipping address, so someone just put it there. I rent and have no current intention to do any home wiring.

I mean this book looks legit af but I don’t understand how or why I have it

Girlfriend @Silversong made a lovely sauce for beans, so this is what these big beans look like

For the past 12 years, every time I hear any news about finance, cryptocurrency, or whatever else, I try to read it, but all I ever actually see is this.

Every time I see these little birds, I feel like they must be ever so cold. But of course, I’m projecting. These birds have evolved into this climate, they weigh next to nothing, and they are covered in feathers. They’re probably not cold at all—just hungry.

I'm not really sure if this is a success, or how I'd even define success, but "space jam anime theme" turned out to be a reasonably decent groove

Unnecessarily rude to the colorblind 


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