Ok, I have decided that I am going to attempt a "kit kat slam" with this cup of coffee. Wish me luck

Tooting live on the hashtag kit kat slam, I haven't begun yet, because the coffee is still a little too hot. Hit the bell next to subscribe for email notifications


I have split the kit kat in two and am pleased to report it was a clean break. Never again the twain shall meet

The first attempt didn't go well. I failed to achieve suction. This time, I'm going to try biting more off the kit kat candy bar, making sure the wafer is fully exposed.

Minor success! Compared with a tim tam, a kit kat makes for a poor straw. I think the wafers are more densely packed in the kit kat, requiring more effort to draw in liquid.

That said, I was able to produce the pleasing texture of the molten tim tam almost exactly, and the combined tastes of coffee and kit kat were pleasing.

I give the kit kat 3 out of a possible 5 tim tams.

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