Hey local friends, how are you voting on state/country/city proposals? I’m currently leaning no on 1, yes on 2, yes on wccd, yes on A, ??? on B, and yes on C. In particular, if you understand what B is about, or if you disagree with me, I would like to hear from you!

Took me a while to figure out how I felt about 2020-1, because it doesn't really provide a context. Proponents speak in empty sentences about how nice parks are, but opponents claim that:

1. It's a shift from buying new land to conserve to only maintaining existing parkland, and

2. It attempts to tie park maintenance budgeting to the mining of fossil fuels.

2020-2 made me nervous at first, but it does not appear to even have opponents? It looks like it's redundant with existing laws and exists to put pressure on police to take search/seizure laws more seriously.

If 2020-2 is rejected, it will still be illegal for a cop to force you to unlock your phone at gunpoint, but they'll be able to credibly claim that the will of the public is on their side, even if the law isn't.


The Washtenaw county proposal looks like asking for a renewal for a mill for the county to buy land for nature reserves. An easy yes.

Proposal A looks like a renewal for the city's road maintenance budget. Seems fine?

Proposal B looks like a new project to build sidewalks, and all I could find about it were offhand mentions that it was to close sidewalk gaps especially near schools? Does anybody know more?

Proposal C looks like the affordable housing initiative that this town has been needing for decades. A firm and shouted yes.

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