First time filing taxes online in a decade (normally I use the office printer to print my w-2, but hahah covid, I got no office), and god damn it is somehow even worse than I remembered.

To anyone who's never filed on paper and just assumes it's harder, oh boy paper taxes are so easy. I'd love to help you through it, if you want taxes to be "kinda tedious" instead of "complete bullshit"

Fuck wizards.

@matt I used to do paper by hand until they misread my SSN. That was a mess to sort out. Typically I’ve had good experiences with the free filing option from the irs, but I understand your frustration if it’s not working!

@Ted Which free file option do you use? I've tried a few, but they're always of the "step by step wizard" form that I have a pretty hard time with.

I'm like, I have a couple 1099-DIVs and a W-2, and I know what to do with them—so having to fill in every 0 on each 1099-DIV in an online form when I know the IRS doesn't even want a copy is frustrating.

@matt just the irs free tillable forms. I don’t recall having to fill in all the 0s, and I appreciated that it automatically took the appropriate values from my 1099s etc into my 1040

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