I've been tired lately of everybody offering their explanation on the difference between freedom of speech and freedom from consequences, but I felt myself doing a lot of nodding to this response to the recent open letter by Harper's.

@matt Huh, I haven't been involved in that debate much at all, maybe because I'm not in an academia.

Anyway, I agree freedom of speech is mainly a legal thing, but I do think that there's an element on the far left that has gotten quite trigger happy, e.g. the Goya boycott.

"Trump is great" is a sentiment I very strongly disagree with, but I don't know if that affects where I get my beans from.

I don't think anyone should be fired for their views, but support other forms of counterspeech

@WhyAlexHouser I guess I see "should people be fired for their views" as a question with many possible lenses.

1. As a point of principle, of course a person shouldn't be fired for their views.

2. But what about speech? Less easy to make a rule.

3. And what if the wolf's been in the barn for ages, and the only difference at the moment is that a class accustomed to freedom from consequences is suddenly finding themselves accountable?

@WhyAlexHouser I don't like hearing that anybody has lost their career, really ever. It doesn't make me feel good even if I hate them. But I don't think it's ok for some people to be implicitly safe to say anything while other classes of people are not.

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