I highly recommend the Simonhattan


Oh man, Simonhatten, that sounds amazing. I will also take one. I have nothing to do durrng the lockdown but work on my alcoholism.

@matt @WhyAlexHouser @Ted

I’ve heard we are planning another drinks with the guys nigh? I should be free as of 6pm tomorrow - possibly earlier but we will have to wait and see

@Simon @matt @WhyAlexHouser Neat! I don't think I'll be available before 7 however

@Ted @Simon @WhyAlexHouser Cool yeah I’ll set us up a zoom room (or the portmanteau: a zoom) at 7 and we can trickle in as happens. I’ll also throw an @ at @nickevans just in case

@nickevans I was trying to imagine the type of avant-garde porn Alex houser is sustaining himself with these days so that I could use it as an appropriate sext. Here is a picture of my kneecap:

@WhyAlexHouser I can mail you a simonmanhattan - give me your address and I’ll send it ASAP. If you want more than 1 bottle I can probably arrange that. I also mailed ted the Toronto mix, a little early but with woodchips included so that he can bottle age it at his leisure.

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