@Simon @Ted @WhyAlexHouser Want to us 4 have one of those remote happy hours everybody talks about? I’m free most days after 5pm EDT, and I have paid accounts (thanks to U-M) with both zoom and bluejeans.

@Simon @Ted @WhyAlexHouser Since it is Sunday night, I’m thinking not tonight

@matt @Simon @WhyAlexHouser oops sorry just noticed this. How about Monday (tomorrow)? It’s a holiday anyhow

@Ted @matt @WhyAlexHouser I probably won’t be free until later (6 or 7 at the earliest most likely). I’m down to hang out In the evening though.

I was starting to think about a cannabis tincture - it’s still really expensive here, even tomorrow when sales are at their highest it looks like a 1/4th is gonna be $70. I’ve learned recently that price is essentially highway robbery to most avid pot users.

@Simon You might want to talk to @ben about this, as I believe Ben knew someone who made cannabis bitters mostly from the parts of the plant that aren’t good to smoke. Might be a hard arrangement to make, but still worth knowing about.

@Simon @Ted @WhyAlexHouser I can do tomorrow Monday evening, but if it’s too late, I am generally available

@matt @Simon @WhyAlexHouser Sweet 6 or 7 would work for me. @WhyAlexHouser generally does not exist but I can throw a raccoon in his basement or something to get his attention

@Ted @Simon @WhyAlexHouser I could image search a picture of a band-aid if that would help

@Ted @Simon @WhyAlexHouser I tried sending a “direct message” but I don’t know if it worked

@Ted @Simon @WhyAlexHouser Well that’s the most I’ve had to drink in a while

@Simon @matt @WhyAlexHouser no hangover yesterday, just a little groggy :) must have been the ice cream chaser

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