Water is great, but it freaks me out sometimes. What is it? Does it have a taste? A texture? I feel like I almost can answer these questions, but I never quite get there.

@matt I definitely think water can have flavor, all those trace salts that vary from source to source. And if you want texture you can get some Algonquin water with crunchy giardia

@Ted Although is that really water flavor? Like, if I dissolve sugar in water, can I say that the water tastes like sugar? Is tea an example of water having a flavor? A soda pop is mostly water. Most bottled whiskeys are mostly water, for that matter

@matt true, I think you need to define a cutoff percentage for water purity, else you’re going to end up going around sticking silly straws in peoples necks because “they’re basically just water”

@matt as I recall it’s not good to drink ultra pure water because it’s so hypotonic it’ll leach important ions out of you

@Ted First you tell me that people aren’t water, then you tell me I shouldn’t drink water, this is BULLSHIT. What’s next on the no-no list, pure caffeine???

@matt I mean, I can bring you some next time I visit and you can give it a shot. It’s cool to bring lab tubes of white powder on airplanes, right?

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