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The Kit Kat Slam is in basically every way inferior to the Tim Tam Slam—I'm not here to dispute that. Rather, the Kit Kat Slam is superior to the raw kit kat.

I don't think I'll ever eat a raw kit kat again.

'Mandarin duck yells at own ass' - 2020.

Gloucestershire, England.
Nikon D200.
Vintage k-fit Vivitar 70-200mm

Welcome to tech, where conf organisers create fake profiles of woman speakers to fake diversity and catfish speakers who refuse to talk when the line up isn't diverse.
Yeah, because finding actual women to speak at an 800$ ticket event wasn't possible? 😒

If you see a hedgehog out in the day it's an emergency.

A 'stick it in a box and take it to a rescue/wildlife vet immediately' kind of emergency.

censorship is bad but we should keep young men away from Ayn Rand until they've read other things

Cloud computing has taken a lot of the fun out of running a mail server. Back in the day, I could take the IP address from this email that's "from myself" (seriously?? The eeEEEeeemail is coming from inside my hoOoOoOouse), ssh into it as guest, modify the boot order so that the first thing the server does at boot is shut back down, and then hit reboot.

These days, it's always some throwaway ip address from aws.

This gal waltzing through the yard right before dinner today, calling our bluff.

which of these is not the name of a real life baseball player?

Ok fine but if your product has blue LEDs that I can't disable then you agree that I am allowed to put my hand in your mouth and press my thumb down on your tongue for 60 seconds, at a time of my choosing

So more people are learning to “ignore the haters” don’t even respond. Don’t let it rest in your mind. Move on— but I think so of the disturbing behaviors of prominent people has roots in this lesson. To be a politician you learn to ignore haters at scale. The same for some leaders of industry— you might even have people close to you reminding you to do this— but sometimes the haters have a point.

These people never even register the criticism because, like spam, it’s filtered out. 2/

LEDs on car lights was a mistake. Poorly aimed and incredibly bright makes for a terrible night driving experience. All of them being BLUE white and flickering is even worse..

Night driving didn't used to be this bad, but with these blinding lights I can't see the road or pedestrians! It used to be a jackass here and there with their brights on - but now every single pedestrian killer truck and "luxury" SUV out there with these lights that could light a baseball game can get fucked.

LEDs solved some problems - but I feel like the car makers realized they could pump out triple the lumens with a 1/10th of the voltage and decided to make every road a discotheque. LED lights still need shrouds and diffusers!

Finally creating a new VM so that I can use it to get on the work VPN without routing my entire internet through work.

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