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The five police officers in #Memphis who murdered #TyreNichols this month are being indicted. The footage is expected to release tomorrow.

It's great that they're moving this quickly, but change is absolutely still necessary. We must ensure that the next murder by cops is prevented, not just punished.

#Police have a monopoly on violence, and they know it. These cops felt they could get away with this, and plenty of cops have. Do not let the system itself get away with it just because these cops are being sacrificed by the state.

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ACAB #Tennessee #Protest #PoliceBrutality

People often confuse interpersonal racism for systemic racism. A Black cop is more likely to go to jail for murdering an innocent Black man, than a white cop would be. Convicting these cops may be fair, but it is not a reduction in systemic racism.

This is Black cops becoming agents of white supremacy, and then being held accountable because they're not shielded by that same hate.

We can hold the Black cops accountable, but not the system that they work in.

#tyrenichols #BlackMastodon


The relationship between agriculture and human trafficking went over my head for along time because 1) I associated human trafficking exclusively with sex slavery and 2) I knew undocumented immigrants did agriculture but didn’t understand the bigger picture of what that meant


I read one of the papers on downsizing, and one of the details I found striking was the observation that CEOs love it when other CEOs do layoffs.

If you're a CEO, and you do layoffs, it will improve your social standing among your peers (they will think you are "brave").

So it's like flexing. Flexing at your friends. Flexing on your workers.

oh, you're trying to connect two different kinds of magic?

you're gonna need an abracadaptor

Note that Google are still hiring for open positions. If you get a Google recruiter asking to chat (and you aren't interested), I strongly suggest you (kindly, because they need a job like everyone else and they weren't behind the layoffs) reply to say that you are not interested in working for companies that layoff the way they do (and link to your preferred article about it).

If enough people do this, this will get up to execs.

No, I don't use smart appliances in my home.

I'm really privacy and security conscious. As it stands I use MFA keys on everything I can, strong unique passwords, hide my SSID on the home network, use ad blockers, and really wouldn't even consider putting in smart TVs, smart fridges, or anything like that.

I even have one of those ring doorbells you can use through alexa as well so I can see what's going on all the time.

Do you ever wonder if there were any dinosaurs with flesh or if they were all entirely made of bones.

I love e-ink ereaders because they're like this vestige of when tech was good

The battery lasts like a month

They work fine (better) without an internet connexion

You can interact with them using the file manager and it's perfectly good

The files are an open format

It isn't surveillance ad-tech

Don’t mind us, just checking out Mastodon.

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I’m going to tell you the story of the man who solved a crime.

Not, like, a cop who put together the clues and got his man, but a person who took a crime as old as civilization and fixed the problem where it got you in trouble.

The man: Artur Virgílio Alves Reis.

The place: 1920s Portugal.

The crime: Counterfeiting.

The problem he fixed: That the money is counterfeit.

(This is going to be a long 🧵 . Just trust me.)

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