@soccrchik Haha I meant this to be a “thank you” photo but I was pouring in the dark and I did not mean for it to be this much at once OH WELL hashtag rip

After reading the word “pernicious” a few times in a row, I looked it up. What a tepid sounding word, given its definition

Water is great, but it freaks me out sometimes. What is it? Does it have a taste? A texture? I feel like I almost can answer these questions, but I never quite get there.

Anyway here’s an insitgram of my drink that you can look at

(Just kidding. The software written with the aid of coffee as well as direction coming from my teammates is unquestionably better than all the projects I’ve half-started while intoxicated.)

At work, I design software and drink coffee. In my free time, I feel like I pretty much design software and drink spirits. On one hand, is that bad? Putting that question aside though, I wonder which software is better

Everybody seems to love hollow knight, and I’ll agree that the game has a nice aesthetic, but I must be missing something. It seems like a game about slowly grinding to acquire minimap features? I’m kind of over it already, but I’m also very open to hints from anyone who suspects I’m missing something

It is with no surprise that I report that gochujang sauce is excellent on a burger

My parents noticed a deer sleeping in their garden. Must have been tired, since it didn’t do more than raise its head when they came and went from the house

Coffee or bird

I can't make matt.istheguy.com/eheh.gif an official emoji on my site, this site is garbage, this site is OVER

@rubah I like how Graeber starts by introducing all these compelling ideas about money only to put them aside as, if not wrong, incomplete. Also, yeah this is definitely a “read each chapter over and over until I get it” book. Thank you again

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