A cheque for a million dollars? That cheque is now made of gold!

A bank account with a thousand dollars? The account is now made of gold!

Ok genie, I have only one wish, I want the ability to turn money into gold

The city of Ann Arbor emailed me to tell me that my ballot was processed and counted, and told me to go to a2gov.org/departments/city-cle for my "social media ready 'I voted' sticker."

I guess I'm posting this because I'm just tickled that "social media ready" = "it's a jpeg that you can have"

I just tested it out, and I am pleased to report that my new webapp is mobile-phone compatible, even though it was designed entirely on a computer!

I wrote a handy webapp (TM) that tells you whether it's Wednesday morning matt.istheguy.com/is_it_wednes

Feel free to use it in any projects, but if you want to use it to make money, it'd be polite to let me know.

As a librarian colleague noted, this needs to be archived, but is there an archival format for redfin 3D house tours??

I wonder what it would take to get my job title changed to "well-regarded pundit"

Ok I've mostly locked in my ballot.

I still haven't picked a circuit court judge, and I don't think I will. They both look great.

For school board, @Simon 's mom likes Angie Smith and Jeff Gaynor but hasn't decided on a third yet, so I've got those two filled in, and I guess I'll take some time to look up what I can about the remaining 7 candidates.

Ok, I get it now; proposal B (Ann Arbor 2020) has a context. Historically, the city has built new sidewalks by charging adjacent property owners.

If proposal B passes, the city will have a few years during which it can add new sidewalks with tax revenue instead, and it's part of the city's efforts to discourage driving and encourage walking.

As a citizen who walks everywhere and almost never drives, I am in favor.

Oh right I normally just don’t vote in trustee elections for schools I have no stake in, but then I realized if I wasn’t gonna vote anyway, I may as well vote green party? Let me know if you care about Wayne state trustees and you think I should not vote green party

Van den Burgh and Roumel both look like good judges. Roumel has a lot of endorsements, but they both really look great. If anything I'm inclined to vote female due to the lower odds of being a sexual predator, but I'll likely leave it blank.

When it comes to the state supreme court, my aunt who used to work on policy in the capital building says McCormack and Welch, so I've already filled in those bubbles, and no power on earth can change my vote.

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