I've been tired lately of everybody offering their explanation on the difference between freedom of speech and freedom from consequences, but I felt myself doing a lot of nodding to this response to the recent open letter by Harper's. techdirt.com/articles/20200707

The soundtrack from any Tony Hawk game is a great way to set the day on autopilot.

For what it's worth, I don't know what mayors do, and I'm not really sure I actually want to be one, but I feel this is a promise I can keep, so I am making it. Vote for me if you think it might be a good idea.

I am running for mayor, and this post is my official announcement. You may write in Matthew Alexander LaChance for mayor of the city of Ann Arbor. If I am elected, I will refuse to make any decisions. All decisions about budgets and whatever else a mayor does will come from the community.

How will that work? If I am elected, you will need to figure that out. You have my word that I'll spend my workdays making myself as available as I can be.

Tall facebook pictures used to be pretty annoying

Why don’t pizzas come with plastic mini tables anymore

It’s hot and humid right now, and I was miserably stewing in sweat. I was in the process of retreating into stoicism as usual, but instead I rubbed an ice cube all over my head while drying off with a washcloth. I feel like a million bucks! Definitely recommend

On platforms which allow me to respond to individual posts with emoji, there are few things I won’t respond to with 🐴

I only accept payments in the form of negative gasoline

Can anybody help me identify this bird by its call? I’ll represent it here in text: “tweet twoot (pause) tweet twoot (continues)”

I like the birds with a nest less than a foot away from my window. I like that I can see them, but I bet they’d wish I couldn’t, if they knew that I could. Lucky for me, they are birds

Looks like it’s

@Simon @Ted @WhyAlexHouser Want to us 4 have one of those remote happy hours everybody talks about? I’m free most days after 5pm EDT, and I have paid accounts (thanks to U-M) with both zoom and bluejeans.

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