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Ah fuck, wrote such a nice li'l bio and totally forgot to mention ADHD or that I spent a while living in a Buddhist monastery.

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Alright doing a pinned bio post. I'm Matt (he/they), and I do systems engineering at an academic library.

I'm cis/het/white/male and all the privileges that go with that BUT I can at least promise I am not rich

Nice to meet you, hope you are well

Once again I’m getting a lot of questions about my tote bag that are already answered by my tote bag

But the celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse on the Right still marked a key moment because it captured the significant radicalization of conservative politics in the past few years, after the election of the first Black president and again since the anti-racist protests of 2020. 6/

I know I’m always on about this when cops or other folks kill some agitated person, but for real y’all — we in the ER see people who are angry, threatening, violent, and scary EVERY shift, and we kill zero of them. We don’t shoot them. We don’t choke them to death. Most of the time we talk them down and that’s it. Sometimes we restrain them, but we do it safely.

I have very scary people blow up at me. Often I literally pull up a chair and we talk it out. Please, we can be better.

When you hear a loud noise in another room and rush through to find that your dog has accidentally pulled down the curtains, but is now feigning complete innocence.

With Nazis and Patriot Front holding a 50-100 person "unannounced march" on Washington DC with police escort today, it's a good time to remind folks that when we did that in support of BLM, it was:
- announced weeks ahead of time,
- received permits to be there,
- labelled a riot anyway,
- and the police that showed up weren't there to escort us.

YouTube Support,

I wish to appeal my ban on the grounds that death threats are acceptable greetings among my people.


stumbled across something that so perfectly encapsulates the experience of being a young woman working on the internet circa 1999 that I could momentarily taste the chai the guy used to make in the employee cafe at One Memorial Drive

(Greenspun wrote the first book I ever read about making things online and was an MIT professor when he dropped this one-star review on HCI researcher Jenny Preece's book)

no one has ever surpassed the animated netscape logo's ability to make the internet feel majestic and awe inspiring

@stavvers @ReticentTurnip as a manager, I endorse this message and might I suggest also banning managers

@ReticentTurnip As a marketing manager, I endorse this message and might I suggest also banning marketing managers

I believe it is time to ban advertising. Now, I realize that much of the internet depends on advertising for its revenue, but that is offset by the fact that I don't give a fuck

on 15 May, it's the 75th anniversary of Nakba (meaning: the Catastrophe)

If you don't know what Nakba is, and the ongoing impact on Palestinians, more info here >

There are rallys and other events planned for all around the globe, to remember lives lost and support Palestians in their fight for freedom and justice.

This is a list of some of the Australian events >

In the lead up to Nakba, every year, the State of Israel increases provocation and violence towards Palestinians. My thoughts are with Palestinians xx


This is so cool!

A modern sailboat loses its rudder at sea. They send out a distress call and...

"They did not expect an 18th century merchant ship to come to their rescue. Or in their own words: 'This moment was very strange, and we wondered if we were dreaming. Where were we? What time period was it?'" 😳

The way to derail Elizabeth Holmes' "redemption"'tour is to keep tying her comeback to the reputations of all the elder statesmen that enabled the first grift. Here's a short sampling of Theranos Board members and/or notable investors that should be embarrassed that their names are forever linked to a multibillion dollar heist:
Henry Kissinger
George Shultz
William Perry
Sam Nunn
Bill Frist

"how do magnets work?" great question; "magnets" are short for "magical networks" and they work by having the tiny metal wizards all pointing in the same direction,

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