Some joker from Bulgaria is trying to hack this server, so I guess I have to figure out the best way to put docker logs where fail2ban can see them

It never stops surprising me that webcams don't have peripheral vision

I guess now that everybody is considering buying tiktok, I should also consider buying tiktok. What if I bought tiktok, what would happen to me

So like, I knew consumer capitalism was “bad,” but I did not expect it to become a death cult this quickly

Amazon looks crisp and legit, but almost everything is misleading or a scam, but it has cheap and fast shipping.

Ebay looks like a scam, but everything usually turns out well, but you'll probably get overcharged for shipping.

First time filing taxes online in a decade (normally I use the office printer to print my w-2, but hahah covid, I got no office), and god damn it is somehow even worse than I remembered.

To anyone who's never filed on paper and just assumes it's harder, oh boy paper taxes are so easy. I'd love to help you through it, if you want taxes to be "kinda tedious" instead of "complete bullshit"

Fuck wizards.

I've been tired lately of everybody offering their explanation on the difference between freedom of speech and freedom from consequences, but I felt myself doing a lot of nodding to this response to the recent open letter by Harper's.

The soundtrack from any Tony Hawk game is a great way to set the day on autopilot.

For what it's worth, I don't know what mayors do, and I'm not really sure I actually want to be one, but I feel this is a promise I can keep, so I am making it. Vote for me if you think it might be a good idea.

I am running for mayor, and this post is my official announcement. You may write in Matthew Alexander LaChance for mayor of the city of Ann Arbor. If I am elected, I will refuse to make any decisions. All decisions about budgets and whatever else a mayor does will come from the community.

How will that work? If I am elected, you will need to figure that out. You have my word that I'll spend my workdays making myself as available as I can be.

Tall facebook pictures used to be pretty annoying

Why don’t pizzas come with plastic mini tables anymore

It’s hot and humid right now, and I was miserably stewing in sweat. I was in the process of retreating into stoicism as usual, but instead I rubbed an ice cube all over my head while drying off with a washcloth. I feel like a million bucks! Definitely recommend

On platforms which allow me to respond to individual posts with emoji, there are few things I won’t respond to with 🐴

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