George Soros is offering me $20 to buy this mastodon instance, what should I do

Can anybody think of a word that rhymes with butt?

I've decided that I am going to buy EU Voice

So ok yes I only just noticed that I can add custom emotes to this mastodon instance. :eheh: Any requests? :eheh:

The idea is you can convert your money into MattCoin by giving it to me (MattCoin is money that I have)

Whenever I listen to Mrs Robinson I always expect there to be a tambourine like, any second now

But there ISN’T one

Got my second covid shot. Guy totally missed the nerves which was cool, but he also got a vein, so there was a lot of blood

Microsoft didn't buy discord, so it's time that I announce it officially: I am going to buy discord

Oh oops it’s past my bedtime whoops (opps) (whups)

Hmm, my current desk setup gives kind of the wrong idea

If the goal is to work out 3 days per week, then if a week is 9 days long, I’ve been doing great

Corollary: if email is the only way I’ve given you to reach me, why are you claiming the right to decide what I should find urgent?

I’m puzzled by emails with the word “urgent” in the subject. If it’s urgent, why are you using email to reach me?

I keep getting emails from twitter telling me to "don't be selfish" (I assume because I haven't logged in in years). I haven't ever opened one, but I never stop finding it deeply offensive that twitter claims any right to deem my behavior "selfish."

As the saying goes “moon at night / moon’s getting bright // moon in the morning / time to start mourning [the moon]”

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