I never thought I would see my life so succinctly captured in a choose your own adventure game

Anyone up for some online gaming this weekend?

@matt Essentially 4/5ths of a loaf in one setting will do it. Good times.

@matt I ate rye bread until I wanted to vomit, which I did not know was possible.

Basically great.

Also I forgot to check if I had enough fuel in my stove before I left so tonight's dinner will be rye bread

@bearperson I will need to remember to do that before I start working out again

@Simon Awsome,

Thanks Simon, Agreed that nothing has come through yet, but I will keep an eye out.. Will send you the money tommorow!

@Simon @matt @Ted @nickevans Who wants pizza? I will order a pizza to your house...

@Simon @nickevans I'm annoyed that it auto embedded, will delete later, although that normally is a cool feature

@Ted Niiiiice!

Honestly it is pretty impressive, you can do an amazing of things with just wood...


Sent you my address via DM simon, let me know how best to send you money.

Also drinking tomorrow at exactly 7:30? Also I can order pizza to each of your houses.

Matt, can you set up the Zoom meeting, if you have time?

I can not get enough of this thing...
anyway, who's up for drinking tomorrow or Tuesday with zoom?

While reading through the list of mammals on wikipedia I found this guy:


Oh man, Simonhatten, that sounds amazing. I will also take one. I have nothing to do durrng the lockdown but work on my alcoholism.

I assume that failure to bind to port 80 is a sex thing...

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