@matt @Simon @nick whoops I mean paaaaaaaaaaretyyyyyyyyy

@WhyAlexHouser @matt wait for how long - when did you get back? Are you in town now? I have so many questions.

@Simon @WhyAlexHouser @matt did you guys end up partying? Were farmer’s funnels consumed? Is anyone sleeping it off in a tree somewhere?

@Ted @Simon @matt Not yet, going to a funeral, but if you guys are around tomorrow and want to hang out, that would be great.

@Ted @Simon @matt this funeral puts the damper on my desire to party a bit, unfortunately.

Not one of those Taiwanese funerals.

@WhyAlexHouser @Ted @Simon I guess you have to be pretty important, if you can make this happen even in death

@matt @Ted @Simon
Do you want to do the opposite of partying and get together for brunch? I would be happy to take you two out somewhere l.

@WhyAlexHouser @matt @Ted I’ve heard that they have good brunch at Deja Vu

@Simon @matt @Ted haha, I am afraid they don't open until 5pm on Sunday though and 3pm on Saturday. Maybe we can find a craigslist stripper though...

@WhyAlexHouser @matt @Ted I’m just imagining the craigslist add - seeking brunch striper. Do you like getting nude with breakfast foods? How’s about getting nude slowly with breakfast foods a couple horny guys. This might be the job for you! Rates negotiable upon acceptance of position.

@matt @WhyAlexHouser @Ted I’m at work already and probably won’t be able to text. Let me know what brunch place y’all are thinking and I’ll show up there at the allocated time.

@Simon @matt @WhyAlexHouser @Ted so are we gonna go to the gay bar and start a nuclear war?

@Simon @matt @Ted haha tempting, do you want to just meet downtown and walk some place?

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