Seriously though, does Boston have a combo coffee shop, bike store? I also had my bike assembled from shipping in one of those.

@WhyAlexHouser Ann Arbor had one for a while, but I don’t think it lasted. If Boston doesn’t have one yet, maybe write a letter to the mayor?

@WhyAlexHouser It seems like if it exists, it would be in Somerville or Allston. Try stopping at every bike shop in those places and ask for a coffee.

@WhyAlexHouser I can recommend this place in michigan too. In addition to tractors and coffee they also sell whole hogs, and are scenically located by some cool grain elevators

@Ted @WhyAlexHouser Looks like it's also very close to a place called the "Donut Den," which, while I'm sure it's no Donuts and Donuts, sounds pretty good

@matt @WhyAlexHouser Moderate tangent here, but I've noticed that Dunkin donuts keeps abridging their logo. It became "Dunkin'" and recently I saw these cups, which I think are just its stock symbol. I look forward to next year's cups which will simply have a D', and the year after that will be plain apostrophe

@Ted @WhyAlexHouser It appears DUNKIN' has an R-circle, while DNKN' has a mere TM. I can only presume that D' will be CC, and ' will be beerware

@matt @WhyAlexHouser Wow, great eyesight! What I'm really looking forward to is when they decide to make their logo a blank white square (with a tiny TM in the corner)

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