I never thought I would see my life so succinctly captured in a choose your own adventure game

Anyone up for some online gaming this weekend?

Also I forgot to check if I had enough fuel in my stove before I left so tonight's dinner will be rye bread

@Simon @matt @Ted @nickevans Who wants pizza? I will order a pizza to your house...


Sent you my address via DM simon, let me know how best to send you money.

Also drinking tomorrow at exactly 7:30? Also I can order pizza to each of your houses.

Matt, can you set up the Zoom meeting, if you have time?

I can not get enough of this thing...
anyway, who's up for drinking tomorrow or Tuesday with zoom?

While reading through the list of mammals on wikipedia I found this guy:

Seriously though, does Boston have a combo coffee shop, bike store? I also had my bike assembled from shipping in one of those.


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