@matt happy belated birthday by they way! In my mind the celebration looked like this:

My favorite local news blogger is especially gifted at covering skeezy dudes on the T

"Police say Adam Smith's hand and penis were anything but invisible as he enjoyed the wealth of, if not nations, himself, around 11 p.m. on an inbound Red Line train. "

Continuing the theme of 3, I found this picture of @Simon while poking around old folders. Simon, dressed as a king, applies a clamp to (3-2) bozacks

@WhyAlexHouser turns 33 today. Happy birthday! In the theme of the number 3, here is a picture of alex from (3+10) years ago, contemplating the joy of wishes

@Simon I humbly suggest it for your upcoming tincture line

@Simon today I learned a new adjective from an old sci-fi magazine

How’s this covid virus treating you all? I for one am having amazing commutes and feel more secure knowing that many people are obsessively handwashing.

One of the main disappointments of working in industry is that suddenly it’s “not good for the client” to solve a problem by having a strain route all its carbon into putrescine production. Does anyone go into biology thinking it’s going to smell good?

Hypothetical: If you were to set Alex Houser up with a coworker, where would you send them?

Best scientific fish name?


For the record, it was D) Bid for old gear on eBay. Tom Knight seems to have three roles here: lead tours of suits around lab, chitchat about interesting ideas, and order science junk on eBay (the last is probably his favorite)

Polls are fun! What did I ask "The Godfather of Synthetic Biology" to do for me yesterday?

On the subject of urine, I recently got involved with a project on the treatment of MSUD, or maple syrup urine disease. Sounds hilarious but it's actually quite nasty

"The drastic dark purple color of the urine on day 1, taken immediately after the antidote was given, is clearly of note."

-How to write the conclusion sentence of an abstract when you have no conclusions to summarize

Titles like this one are why I keep my google scholar alerts for vitamin b12 (it’s an old article, but was referenced in a newer article)

What is a good wedding present for a couple that likes to canoe, yet is not as expensive as a canoe, a paddle or a portage pack?

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