Also, this is a pretty good video if you're into dunking on Newton (although he gets some sick burns in too)

@matt that is a reasonable point. I really should read up more on the history of chemistry in the enlightenment era (and before), I feel like progress was very non-linear, and it wasn't until we had guys like Lavoiser and Pasteur that it could be considered a science. It's still remarkable to me that Newton spent half his life on alchemy and was probably pretty terrible at it/gave himself mercury poisoning


@matt I assume "old man puddin'" is a village eccentric who sneaks into your house, dumps out your christmas stocking, and fills it with onion gravy?

A little late, but this was shared at work. @matt please confirm its veracity

Hello! Is it is required, or just strongly recommended, that we set renaissance paintings as our profile themes?


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