@matt I was listening to the song ‘my world’ by the go team and thinking it would be right at home on a bbc program break:


I’m not really sure what to make of this - it seems like a genuine note despite the fact that it is obviously making fun of the worker/wage shortage right now.

@matt I didn’t think the shit was suppose to go in a vein

@matt I’ll chip in. How much could it be? Like 13 million?

@matt I can’t wait for the day when Michigan is known as Michigan Dakota

I was trying to think of what advice to give people in Michigan for winter driving. I think it would be something like:

If you are driving a Prius or a Honda Civic, go out and buy 50 pounds of kitty litter. You will need the extra ballast and the emergency traction. For everyone else, just pretend that you are ice skating but in a 3000 pound hunk of metal.

It makes me wonder what diggity is exactly. In most cases though I feel like an overwhelming surplus of diggity is the right answers

@soccrchik @matt as far as I can find, chlorine gas is valued at about $2 per pound kilogram. Although I found a lot of variable numbers depending on bulk pricing. If we assume that to be true, you would take a loss converting gold to chlorine gas.

@matt when I think about alchemy I always assume that there is a whole bunch of work and/or negative side effects. Like you want to turn an ounce of lead into gold? It will take 1 hour of careful inscription and incantation and then you have a 20% chance of accidentally creating chlorine gas instead of gold.

@matt that would be a good deal if you could turn all of that lead into gold with no negative side effects. It would net you around $2600.

Probably has been posted somewhere before but felt like it was time for a repost. I think today I’m somewhere between a three and a four

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