@Simon When you're doing garden stuff, how often do you come across epazote?

@matt pretty much never. Very few people I found actually grow corn. When they do, they grow popcorn which seems to be resistant for some odd reason. Maybe it just doesn’t have enough moisture. The only time I’ve found it was in a large organic corn field. It seems to grow best in large swaths of corn which is another reason why you don’t see it often

@Simon Interesting, I didn't realize it was a corn weed; given its other names (pigweed, wormseed), I was hoping it'd be more common. Oh well!

@matt it’s originally a grass. Which, I guess is a weed. Although there is much debate in the horticulture world I’ve what actually constitutes a weed. Given that corn has been domesticated and grown as a food crop for thousands of years most agree it is no longer a weed.

@Simon @matt what is hogweed? It is different from pigweed right? I thought it was that edible weed with fleshy leaves that grows in sidewalk cracks but I may be misremembering


@Ted @matt Ted you are right! Pigweed is a common name for amaranthus retroflexus

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@Simon @matt good to know. I think what I had in mind as hogweed is actually purslane, aka “little hogweed”. Hogweed proper and giant hogweed are in the carrot family and gives you caustic burns

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