Does anyone want barrel aged manhattan mix?

Bottles are $40 plus shipping and handling. If you live in town I could do contactless delivery and take off the shipping fees.

I’m also taking preorders for barrel aged Toronto. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a fantastic Manhattan variation traditionally made with fernet branca.

My recipe is:

2 oz rittenhouse rye
.25 oz Amaro buralio
.25 oz rich syrup (brown sugar syrup)
2 dashes of angostura bitters

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@Simon Heck yeah I want like 3 of each. I can just transfer money to your credit union account, and I guess if we arrange a time, I can open the trunk in Erin’s car, and you can just put some bottles in there

@matt I’m not totally sure what to charge the Toronto at - rittenhouse is 10 at 26 a bottle, the buralio was 50 but there was only 1, some rich syrup and 6 ounces of bitters

@matt also you are gonna get a bottle of each for your birthday sooooooooooo.......

@Simon Cool, $140 then? (2x $40 and 2x $30 = 80 + 60 = 140)

@Simon I'd take one of each. how can i get this money to you. do you venmo

@wandrewni I do take Venmo - I am Simon-Anderson-7

I could bring you the Manhattan tomorrow but the Toronto won’t be ready until June 8th. I will certainly set a bottle aside for you though. If you wanted to pay me for just the Manhattan, that’s cool. The Toronto is gonna be $30 a bottle. So you could pay me $70 today or $40 now and $30 later.

@Simon cool $40 coming your way now, $30 coming later!

@wandrewni cool! I’ll drop the bottle by your house today.

Is there a good time for me to put it on your back doorstep?

@Simon any time is fine as long as you can text me or let me know somehow when you drop it so that I can swoop down and snag it

@wandrewni I’m at your house! And I brought you booze!

@Simon yeah man I want one Manhattan and one Toronto. Probably easiest to ship them together. Bill me in Venmo or PayPal when you know the shipping cost. Thanks!

@Ted I would be happy to ship you a couple bottles. Unfortunately the Toronto won’t be ready until June 8th. So I can’t ship that one yet. I will when it’s ready though. How’s about for now I ship you a couple bottles of the Manhattan mix?

@Simon sure, that would be great! Those payment platforms I mentioned OK with you?

@Ted yeah!

My Venmo is Simon-Anderson-7
My paypal is

I’ll see if I can get those bottles off today and I’ll let you know how much it is with shipping

@Ted I sent it off your bottles today! Ironically I just learned Alex houser also wanted a bottle - I could have sent all three at once and saved on shipping, ah well.

I sent you a bottle of Manhattan mix and a bottle of the Toronto mix. The Toronto will have some wood chips in it and really shouldn’t be opened until June 8th. I have sampled it as it is now though and pretty awesome - I’ll leave it up to you as to when you want to drink it.

@Ted I would wait to pay me until they actually get there just in case. Your total though will be:

1 Manhattan $40
1 Toronto $30
Shipping $20

Total = $90

@Simon awesome, thanks very much! when did they say it'd arrive?

@Ted they say it will arrive on Thursday. I guess I got two day shipping - that’s cool.

If you are curious, tracking number is:


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