{Disease addled thoughts}

The more I get used to and subsequently enjoy taking NSAID’s I start wondering how cool SAID’s might be

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@Simon apparently steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are referred to as corticosteroids - you learn something new every day!

@Simon Yeah those are what I take a low doses for long-term asthma maintenance

@Ted I still don’t really understand hashtags - did they lead somewhere like a url? I see them more often used as sort of a shout out like:

Made spaghetti bolanase last night but used zoodled squash noodles! etc.....................

@Ted I would read or write a blog called disease addled thoughts. But I feel like remain interesting it would have to be written by someone with a strange neurological condition

@Simon @Ted I think the intention of hashtags was that they exactly be a searchable announcement of category, pretty much just as you say, Simon. However, there are also no rules, so Twitter users immediately started using hashtags just to make fun of the idea of hashtags, more often than sincere use

@matt @Ted I tried to click every one of those but they weren’t links

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