Sorry - I’m still trying to figure out how this thing works. I wanted to reply to the video of the guy swimming with the Canadian wild woman

@Simon You should be able to reply to things with the reply button in the lower left of posts, looks like this

@matt @Simon I am also still confused about this. How do I see replies to a post in context of that post rather than in a continuous chronological feed?

@Ted @Simon It’s not intuitive, but the way to do it is click on the time in the upper right of a post. It’s like that I guess because that’s the way Twitter does it?

@matt @Ted @Simon You can actually just tap the post, at least in the app I downloaded

@soccrchik @matt @Simon Nice maybe I should try downloading an app. Is it more intuitive?

@Ted @matt @Simon I just decided to do an app, so I have no frame of reference

@soccrchik @Ted @matt I use the amaroq app - it makes using mastodon infinitely more accessible

@Simon @soccrchik @Ted I’ve been using the web interface but also Toot! which costs a couple bucks but has the best name. Simon, we should compare sometime, see what’s the same, see what’s different

@Simon @soccrchik @matt this is the #2 review of amaroq. I fear what sort of NSFW content Dead_Squirrels_6 uses this app for

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