Probably has been posted somewhere before but felt like it was time for a repost. I think today I’m somewhere between a three and a four

I’m not sure where else to post this - I only intend it as a benign wtf meme. It might evoke some interesting conversation though....

On my way to work today I started thinking that depth perception was actually called ‘destination control’

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@Simon @WhyAlexHouser although from my expectancies mailing ted booze it will take more like 5 days instead of two

Does anyone want barrel aged manhattan mix?

Bottles are $40 plus shipping and handling. If you live in town I could do contactless delivery and take off the shipping fees.

I’m also taking preorders for barrel aged Toronto. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a fantastic Manhattan variation traditionally made with fernet branca.

My recipe is:

2 oz rittenhouse rye
.25 oz Amaro buralio
.25 oz rich syrup (brown sugar syrup)
2 dashes of angostura bitters

For some unknown reason I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the last 3 hours. They say the remedy for getting a song unstuck from your head is to share it with others. So her y’all go:

Here is my first covid-19 tincture *insane cackle*

Just imagine me in fishnets pushing this in a cart yelling “Don’t you want a swallow dearie - it will cures what ales ye”

Here is my new job idea - I get one these outfits and push around a wooden cart with dusty bottles full of mysterious tincture made in my basement.

Uh oh - I’m being followed by followbot. I feel like something is about to go down.

@Simon apparently steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are referred to as corticosteroids - you learn something new every day!

{Disease addled thoughts}

The more I get used to and subsequently enjoy taking NSAID’s I start wondering how cool SAID’s might be

@Ted I watched both episodes of Picard (didn’t know there were only two). I liked it so far. I want more of course, I have so many questions.

@Simon currently rewatching avatar but it’s gonna end soon

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