@Simon apparently steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are referred to as corticosteroids - you learn something new every day!

{Disease addled thoughts}

The more I get used to and subsequently enjoy taking NSAID’s I start wondering how cool SAID’s might be

@Ted I watched both episodes of Picard (didn’t know there were only two). I liked it so far. I want more of course, I have so many questions.

@Simon currently rewatching avatar but it’s gonna end soon

Im not sure what would be the best tag line for this photo:

1. Single fry - album art and album name of a sweedish grungecore dadist metal band
2. epitaph to the single serving
3. What me worry?

Sorry - I’m still trying to figure out how this thing works. I wanted to reply to the video of the guy swimming with the Canadian wild woman

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I’ve been trying to decide on a good first post here. So I’m going with partial businesses and partial silliness.

The business:

Happy new year to all. May you all have a bright and amazing year. I am already expecting a wild and crazy year ahead.

The silliness:



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