I have throughout the years been an Apple man through and through. I gotta say - getting a new Apple product these days is a lesson in paywall management.

Hmmm I’ve been thinking about making a cocktail that is a reimagining of the “corn and oil”. I have several thoughts, why the fuck did they call it corn and oil in the first place?? It’s just rum and felernum - what is wrong with you people.

Reading the history of it seems like it was based off of a bible passage. I also suppose if mixed right it does look like corn juice topped with motor oil. I’m not about it.

So all that is to say - if you have a better name for this drink let me know

Elon musk calling mastadon masterbatedon just seems like something a twelve year old boy would say. It is so ridiculous it kinda just makes me want to post here more.

@matt is there a way to edit former posts? I want to correct my spelling on Dadaist. If not no worries - I think people (probably just you and I) will get it.

There are so many new people! Or maybe that is just Matt boosting other instances.
I’m a fan of nihilistic Wendy’s. Where is the dadist arbys in the thread?

@matt I am getting notifications that you mentioned me but I can’t seem to find where they are in the feed. Any thoughts on how to rectify this?

I don’t think that you should unsubscribe though

I have several thoughts:

1. Who is Judith and why is she wearing a skin tight blue furry suit and operator head set.

2. I feel sorry for Judith

3. At least I am not Judith

Damn - I had a really intense dream last night where we (mostly billionaires and corporations) blew up the moon

@matt I was listening to the song ‘my world’ by the go team and thinking it would be right at home on a bbc program break:


I’m not really sure what to make of this - it seems like a genuine note despite the fact that it is obviously making fun of the worker/wage shortage right now.

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